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Divya Peya (herbal tea), 100 gm

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Therapeutic uses:-
1. An ayurvedic drink with a sweet taste,free from alcohol and a great substitute for tea.

2 Promotes immunity ,protects against kaphaja diseases ;during an attack of kaphajadiseases,the patient gets immediate relief by its use .

3 Stimulates power of digestion: strengthen body and mind ,calms the mind ;controls cholesterol and protects from heart –diseases. 4 this celestiadrink strenghthen the liver.the best thing about this drink is that it doesn’t harm the unctuousness of milk and is absolutely free from nicotine.on the other hand,different varieties of tea available in the market,which contain nicotine and causes different types of complications like gas,constipationand hyper acidity.


Main ingredients:- Ela (cardamom),Tejapatri, Jatiphala, Narica (black pepper)rose flower, lotusflower,asvagandha ,soma lata,punarnava,vasa,citraka ,amrta,bhumyamalaki,rohisa (aghiyaghas),flower of banaphasa (wild violet),brahmi,sankha-puspi,tulasi (holy basil),pippali (long pepper of small size) ,svetacanadana,cavya,sunthi(dry ginger),musta,misreya (sauf),arjuna.

Directions for usage

 Mode of administration:- Preapare like common tea ;boil more than common tea,more boiling yields more benefits of herbs added in the preparation ;add sugar according to your taste. Dosage: Prepare a regular tea adding equal or lesser powder than the common tea.

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