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Patanjali Divya Dhara, 10 ml

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Therapeutic uses :- Cures chokera, Headache, Toothache,ear-diseases, Epistaxis, Trauma, Urticarial, Coughing, Indigestion, Yspepsia, Colic pain,Flatulence and Asthama(dyspnoea).


Main ingredients:   Pepper mint, Karpura, Extract of ajvayan, Clove oil.

Directions for usage

Mode of administration and dosage:-

1. Cholera:-  5-10 drops ,after every 15 minutes. As patient gets relief , gradually increase interval, i.e. half an hour, one hour, then two hours and so on. It gives definite relief from cholera .

2. Colic pain, Gas, Flatulence and Asthama:  pour 3-4 drops in sugar, barasa or warm water and take orally.

3. Asthama or dyspnoea: it gives relief by inhalation (smelling) and applying on chest.if the patient is not able to inhale because of severe attack of ashtama , then add 4-5 drops of this “divyadhara”  to 1\2 -1 ltr of boiled water and gives vapour to the patient, for immediate relief.

4. Headache :- apply 3-4 drops on for head and massage ; inhale or smell 1-2 drops, which give Immediate relief.

5. Toothache: dip the cotton in the divya dhara and keep it on the effected tooth.