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  • Patanjali Corporate Diwali Gifts

    Patanjali Coporate Diwali Gifts

    This Diwali gift your loved ones Shudh and Healthy Patanjali Products

    Patanjali Juices, chocolates, biscuits are known for quality as well as purity. Patanjali needs no introduction. It is one brand which has emerged as the most preferred choice when it comes to herbal and natural products. You can get almost everything when you are choosing Patanjali products. Patanjali products carry no preservatives and flavours, and thus are healthy for you and family. No harm occurs when you include these into your diet plan.

    ShudhBuy got wide range of Patanjali products for you to choose for your Diwali Gift Basket. We will create your gift basket as per your desired products

    • Juices (Aloevera, Amla, Apple, Giloy, Guava, Lemon, Litchi, Mango, Mix-Fruit, Orange, Pineapple)
    • Sweets (Desi Ghee Soan Papdi, Rasgulla)
    • Health & Wellness (Pachak, Chyawanprash, Amrit Rasayan, Badam Pak Amla Candy etc.)

    Please Write Us your requirement of Patanjali Diwali Gifts
    We will contact you to discuss the requirement in more detail.

  • Patanjali home worship products will hit stores in the next two months

    After toothpaste, biscuits and noodles, Patanjali has opened another flank to take on big established players —the fast growing sacred space. Patanjali Ayurveda will roll out more than one hundred products to stake claim in the Rs 8,000-crore organised home worship category, under the brand name Patanjali Astha.

    Worship is a rapidly growing category, with online players like Amazon too reporting high double digit growth of worship products.

  • Patanjali Ayurved - Baby/Shishu Care Products Available on ShudhBuy.com


    Yoga guru-turned-businessman Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved Ltd on Wednesday launched a range of baby care products—hair oil, massage oil, body lotion and body wash gel—under a new sub-brand called Sishu Care.

    “We have already started rolling out these products in retail stores. Within the next couple of weeks, products will be available across the country,” S.K. Tijarawala, spokesperson for Baba Ramdev, said.

    There’s more to come from Patanjali, which is seeking to tap demand for child care products in a country where 26 million babies are born every year.

    Patanjali, the spokesperson added, will be launching baby foods within a month.

    Patanjali’s baby care products are priced between Rs.70 and Rs.85 for 100ml packs—the same as products of market leader Johnson & Johnson.

    Patanjali has emerged as a challenger to consumer packaged goods giants like Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL), Nestle India Ltd and Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd. In the baby care segment, it’ll compete with US multinational Johnson & Johnson.

    The baby care market in India is estimated at around Rs.4,000 crore; it was dominated by Johnson & Johnson (India) with a 74% market share in 2015, followed by Dabur India Ltd with 9.9%, according to a study by market research firm Euromonitor International.

  • Patanjali Multigrain Atta.

    Atta is a main grocery in Indian Kitchen for preparing rotis and chapatis.

    Patanjali Multigran Atta is made richest multigrain flour made from 9 of the best indian grains. The Rotis made from Patanjali Navratna atta have a unique taste of their own. It is processed and hygienically packed under stringent quality control, Make it a daily habit.

    Shudhbuy_Atta Continue reading

  • Healthy Patanjali Atta Noodles.

    No sooner than people started boycotting Maggi after the failed tests in the Indian labs for Lead and MSG, than Babaji came up with the idea of his own product.

    Patanjali instant noodles comes without any MSG (monosodium glutamate) or Lead . It is purely made of whole wheat flour. Healthy Iodized Salt is used in Patanjali Noodles. It is made in rice barn oil as against the palm oil which other company uses. The Masala mix has all the healthy spices in it including Turmeric, cumin seed, onion, garlic and ginger.

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  • Patanjali Ayurvedic Badam Pak

    Patanjali Badam Pak made of pure organic almonds is highly beneficial for the general health of the body. Almond is full of nutrients and helps in the development of brain. It is rich in vitamin E, which acts an anti-oxidant, helps to reduce the fatty plaques in the arteries and protects the heart. It keeps a control on the sugar and blood pressure level. Eating Badam Pak keeps the skin healthy and glowing as well. This product is also good for hair growth.


    Badam Pak by Patanjali strengthens the immunity system of the body. Continue reading

  • Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shampoo.

    Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shampoo is a wonderful herbal shampoo that helps to get relief from dry hair. It consists of natural herbs that provide nourishment to hair. It is a natural dry hair shampoo. It is a wonderful shampoo for rough hair. You can use this shampoo regularly to make your hair smooth and shiny.Hair cleanser Safety for hair and treatment for diseases.

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  • Patanjali Special Divya Chyawanprash

    Patanjali’s Special Chyawanprash is an ancient ayurvedic herbal formulation with many health benefits. This special chyawanprash is prepared with pure and organic natural herbs and spices in the right proportion. Special Chyawanprash strengthens the natural defense of the body against infections and diseases. It nourishes and revitalizes the whole body. It is also known as the brain tonic as it improves learning, cognition and memory. This ayurvedic tonic is a great aid in respiratory illness and is highly effective in cold, cough, fever and asthma.

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  • Patanjali Dant Kanti Tooth Paste.

    Divya Dant Kranti  is an herbal tooth paste which helps in keeping teeth white as well as healthy. It is one of the most popular Patanjali products.

    Dant Kanti is a wonderful blend of Ayurvedic herbs that has shown excellent results in preventing any kind of diseases of the teeth. It helps to prevent the infection and inflammation of the gums due to harmful effects. It is a very good product for bleeding of gums due to injury to the soft parts of the teeth.

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  • Yoga Benefits For Healthy, Happier And Better Life.

    There are numerous amount of benefits one can derive from regular practice of Yoga. I have tried to list most the benefits of Yoga in list given below :

    Yoga help in Stress relief it's improved strength, better flexibility and balance. It's help in Lower blood pressure and increase metabolism, it's also help maintain desired weight.


    Yoga helps in better sex and better focus and attention levels, it's enhanced brain function and natural pain relief. Yoga maintain stronger immune system,  helps in better respiration and age-proof living. It's helps do away with depression and boosts your confident level.

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